With the ever increasing complexity of data, buzzwords like machine learning and the sometimes unknown world of artificial intelligence yet a strong desire to be data driven, we aim to help companies navigate through the murky waters and bring clarity to what all this means for them. We do so by identifying the opportunities in your data and help build a strategy to realise the value in the data.

Data and AI strategies

Advice on best-of-breed Technologies

At 1Digit, we know that practical, real-world outcomes are important. That’s why we provide strategic advice to many of our clients on the best tools to use that utilises in-house skills and provides the fastest and highest quality outcomes.

Impact Assessment & Cloud first

We are a cloud-first organisation and we can help you assess the best strategies to utilize 'pay as you use' cloud infrastructure to maximise the impact of your solutions while minimising the costs.

AI journey focusing on Privacy, Safety and Ethics

We advise on how to implement a data platform safely and ethically, and we work both with those at the beginning of their AI journey and with the most advanced users. We help you to design an AI strategy that suits your organisation, and we leave behind autonomous AI capabilities that last for the long term. We are trusted by everyone from the UK Government to major private-sector companies.

1Digit - Strategic Advice and Assessment

Ways Of Working

One Team - Client Stakeholders with 1Digit Architects, Engineers and Scientists

Become faster, more flexible, and intensely customer-focused

Regular workshops

Who better to tell us about your business than you? We take the time to understand our customers' business domains by conducting regular workshops with key business stakeholders.

Discovery and Planning

We undertake discovery sessions to help us document your current business and data processes. We will work with you as one team to plan and strategise how to reach the best value from your data resources and define meaningful milestones.

Platform Architecture

Our experienced digital platform and data solutions architects will map out every aspect of your best of breed digital & data platform. We will ensure future-proofing by considering:

  • Scalability
  • Maintainability
  • Data integrity
  • Security
  • Value for money
Our goal is to be the trusted technology partner to help guide our clients though digital transformation projects into the Cloud.

Automation and Implementation

Using the latest DevOps techniques working alongside Open Source technologies, Microservices and Containerisation our Data Scientists and Engineers will help you implement the highest quality software solutions and AI technologies for your business.

Use our products to accellerate

We've got some of the most exciting products in the data space and we can help you utilise them to deliver data platforms catered to your business in a matter of weeks instead of months.

Tachyon is a cutting-edge data ingestion pipeline created by 1Digit that is an ultra-performant product that has proven itself time and time again in some of the UK's largest digital businesses.

Event Driven Architecture

Specialists in Cloud-first, Event Driven, Data-centric Architectures.


Data and AI Strategies for you

One Team - Client Stakeholders with 1Digit Architects, Engineers and Scientists.


Accelerating digital transformation

1Digit offers out of the box platforms to accelerate your digital transformation.