With over a decade of experience implementing and reshaping digital web platforms for our clients we've aquired an in-depth knowledge of Web Content Management Systems (CMS). We are proficient in Architecting, building and designing solutions using enterprise grade CMS systems and open source CMS systems with both headless and native capabilities.

Content Management

Enterprise CMS systems

Providing bespoke web platform solutions with .NET based CMS systems like Sitecore and Umbraco. We can also assist in the process of upgrades and migrating away from incumbant CMS systems. One of the latest trends is to move away from traditional CMS systems into headless models.

Sitecore CMS Umbraco CMS

Headless CMS systems

We also specialise in implementing headless CMS systems like Contentful, Kentico Kontent and Prismic helping our clients gain complete independance between their content and presetation layers.
Kentico Kontent CMS
Prismic CMS

Data driven at the heart of everything

As with evertying we do, we bring data to the forefront of our solutions, ensuring that we design and build products that integrate with data platforms for AI driven recommendation engines, personalisation and customer insights.

Umbraco vs Sitecore

SiteCore and Umbraco are both stable, high-performing .NET content management systems. Let's explore some pros and cons of each.

You know you want a .NET content management system (CMS) in order to manage your web presence. There are several on the market, but it often comes down to a runoff between Sitecore and Umbraco. Sitecore is a commercial CMS platform that requires the purchase of a license. Umbraco is also built on .NET, but it is open source. The platforms are comparable in many ways, but with somewhat different features. As far as which to choose, much of it comes down to cost and support.

The Ins and Outs of Sitecore

  • Sitecore clients receive full support (covered by the annual license fee), which comes in a few forms (helpline, ticketing system, etc.)
  • Clear path for upgrades and enhancements into the future.
  • Sitecore includes feature-rich marketing add-ons and the ability to manage email campaigns.
  • It offers enhanced security features.
  • Tons of training opportunities are available.
  • Full accredited training for developers and users from the software vendor

The Scoop on Umbraco

  • It's open source and free!
  • The CMS is very easy for use, even for non-technical folks.
  • The Umbraco community accepts contributions (such as new plugins) from developers around the world, which allows for lots of diversity and testing.
  • Easy to use for simple websites
  • If you need custom functionality, you'll need to invest in that.
  • Support is handled differently depending on who built your site, who hosts it, etc.

Getting Started

  • Design for Data, Personalisation and Scale

    We focus on the basic building blocks of our CMS solutions to ensure future scalability, maintainability, personalisation, and quantifiable gains via data collection.

  • Implementation

    Our tallented developers & QA's will provide hands-on experience to work with your internal teams to make your CMS projects a reality. We are fans of Agile Methodology and we use tools like GIT, JIRA & Confluence in all of our development projects both internally and for our clients.

  • Deploy & DevOps

    We bring the latest technologies in automation and cloud-first DevOps techniques to help our clients with world-class automated infrastructrue and code deployment pipelines.

What You Get

  • Train & Learn

    Our architects, engineers and scientists work as one team with our clients internal teams.

  • Certified

    We are certified in the various CMS systems, with data scientists and engineers with relevent post graduate qualifications.

  • Documentation

    We will document everything we create within your propriatary wikis.

  • Video Tuts

    We create walkthroughs and videos where relevent for efficient knowledge transfer.

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