The simplest, quickest and cheapest way to track, collect, clean and democratise your big data. Tachyon is ideal product to pilot any machine learning project for your business, with the scalability to promote to full production at any time.

  • Data Validation

    Verify and validate your data on ingestion.
  • Data Processing

    Use a number of supported industry standard integrated tools
  • Build Schema & Pipelines

    Schema driven engine with multi-step pipelines
  • Collect Any Data

    Retrieve or push any data simply and efficiently
  • Total Control & Security

    Multi-tenanted system with version control and complete security for piece of mind

Property Insights

In combination with the most comprehensive and accurate database of all available properties on the market in the UK and the merger of ancillary property related data, 1Digit is able to deliver unique insights into the property market.

Developing AI Solutions

  • Define the business objectives for a machine learning project
  • A comprehensive solution design should include a roadmap for the model integration
  • Create the model, as close to 100% accuracy is always the goal. Algorithm fit, feature set and accuracy and sufficiency of training data are the primary model accuracy influencers.
  • Evaluate the model.
  • Productionise the model
  • Continuous Improvement through automation and re-training

With our AI Foundation Platform, businesses are able to develop and integrate AI solutions with ease.

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