About Us

Our Mission

We aim to use our products to take the challenging part of a Big Data platform out of the equation so that our clients can concentrate on deriving immediate value from the power of of their business and customer data.

Our Research into AI

The application of AI in business has been the subject of research for 30 years. 1Digit strives to help clients find real AI use-cases that can bring tangible value to their business and customers.

Our Vision

1DIGIT is a London, UK based CMS specialist digital agency. We have adopted a near-shore outsourcing model with onshore governance, this ensures we provide cost efficiency for our customers without sacrificing quality. We believe in delivering perfection and our .NET development team are only the best.

We believe that innovation is essential to improving human experiences and creating value for organisations.

  • Simple

    We are committed to providing simple solutions to complex problems.

  • Better

    We strive in being better, not just for our clients but for our employees too.

  • Faster

    Speed helps drive value, value is always relative to time spent.

Our Values

We value the technical and business advantages of Agile methodologies. Agility in development allows us to prioritize and develop the key, riskiest features early on in each project in order to safeguard the product's core functionality.

At the same time, this iterative approach provides flexibility to adjust to new information, new user requirements and feedback that ultimately get us faster to that final, successful product.

Our Core Values

  • Integrity

  • Fairness

  • Customer Value Driven

  • Simplicity in solutions

  • Data Science Investment